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Rental Terms

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Delivery & Set up
All inflatable rentals include the set up and take down, however a delivery fee may apply depending on your area.  Fees range from $20 to $50 and based on location. For bounce houses we set up on most surfaces, for water slides we don’t set up on dirt under any circumstances. All inflatables must be secured on an even area. Minimum of 2ft buffer around inflatable Customer must ensure the set up area is free of any animal waste, large rocks or any debris that could damage the unit. It is the costumer’s responsibility to mark all in ground gas, water and power lines.
Please ensure your pets and any waste don’t come in contact with unit or tarps. A $50 pet clean up fee will be charge and any damage will be subject to full repair or replacement fees.
Drop off & Pick up
Deliveries are made based on route and these are generally between 7am – 12 noon. All rentals are overnight as long as they remain in a secure area.  In case costumer needs same day pick up, schedule will be agreed at the time of delivery.
Bad Weather
If the day of your event there is a probability of rain 50% or more, rental will be canceled. If rain begins after delivered full rental fees applies even it unable to use the unit.  If rain begins please have children exit the unit and unplug the blower to avoid malfunctioning.
We are unable to deliver and set up if winds exceed 15 MPH for safety concerns. In the case of increased wind during rental please have all children exit the unit and deflate until the speeds subside before inflating and resuming use.
* Please have participants remove their shoes prior to entering. There must be an adult supervising at all   times when children are in or around the bounce house.
* No shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, toys, or objects of any kind inside the bounce house.
* No eating or drinking inside the bounce house. This can become a choking hazard. Silly string is not allowed in or around the bounce house. $300 fine when you use it on any unit.
* Inflatable bounce houses cannot be used if it’s raining or when the winds are above 15 mph.
* Never use an inflatable(s) during high or gusty winds, thunderstorms, or lightning. The unit can turn over in high winds, even if anchored, and this could result in severe injuries.
* Do not allow participants to wrestle, tumble, or flip.
* Do not allow participants to climb on the netting or walls of the bounce house, or attempt to pull it down.
* Do not allow kids to play behind the bounce house or near the blower.
* Pets are not allowed in or around the bounce house.
* Do not move the inflatable from its original setup location.

Rental Agreement

• I acknowledge that I have received the items listed in good working condition.
• I agree that I am at least 18 years of age and ultimately responsible for all the rental items listed in this agreement until picked up by lessor.
• I acknowledge that I have adequate homeowners/renters/liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage which may occur to myself, my guests, or any other person as a result of this rental.
• I agree to cover all costs for rental equipment that is stolen, lost and/or damaged. I’ll pay $20 per chair, $70 per table, $1,500 to $5000 dollars depending on the rented item.
• I consent and understand that Unique Brinca Brinca , LLC and any employees may enter my property at any time after the agreed rental period and without notice to retrieve any leased items.
• I understand adult supervision is required at all times.
• I understand that in case of inclement weather such as, but not limited to wind, rain, snow, hail, etc. I am required to evacuate the rental unit and turn it off to avoid injury and or damage.
• I voluntarily release Unique Brinca Brinca, LLC; including its agents, employees, officers, directors, partners, and affiliates from any/all liability and agree to reimburse any attorney fees and costs which may be incurred by such claims.
• Unique Brinca Brinca, LLC holds the right to cancel your order/delivery/reservation/contract at any time and for any reason.
• I agree that there will be a $50 fee if the equipment is very dirty.
Advance Inflatable safety operations certification image from Sioto.com

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